1) Click here: 

2) Then Log in with your cell number. (If you have signal, the text code will be sent there.)

3) Then it will prompt you to immediately update your zip code.


We are growing leaps and bounds and are preparing to break down each area, by county, as long as there's enough people and Area Assistants to do so. We currently have less than 10%, who have logged on and updated their zip code. That means, if you have not done so, you will NO LONGER get texts or emails for situations and needs in your area. Please take a moment to log in, with your phone number, and it will immediately prompt you to enter your zip code. It takes less than a minute and will ensure you are staying connected to what's going on around your local community. 


Watch this short video, to learn more about what the founders cautioned us, regarding centralized federal powers: 






Nothing matters more than neighbors uniting neighbors right now. Together we can do so much good in this world!!! Together we can defend each other from criminals. Alone we can do little and we will likely burn out along the way. A cord of 3 strands is not quickly broken. 

~Kelli Stewart, Clark County WA



There are many ways to unite with your neighbors in WA.

We are here to teach the principles of liberty and make sure you are not standing alone when faced with trials and difficulties. The idea behind neighbors uniting neighbors, was born in 2016, when a vision was given to go stand with political prisoners in Portland OR. From that, birthed many more visions and ideas on ways to unite and help neighbors. Please consider how important YOU are to your local community. We are neighbors uniting neighbors, for the purpose of defending rights.  We also are supporting healthy understandings of the civilians role as well as the government's role, in a free society. We stand against police brutality, we stand against the prison industrial complex, we stand for defense of inherent rights, we stand for justice and liberty for all, we stand for uniting neighbors. We are non political meaning we do not support left or right and feel much of our problems in government, stem from an ignorant people believing all our problems are to be fixed by government. Governments were instituted among men to SECURE rights, and yet today, government is the largest violator of inherent rights. We believe the best solution to tyranny and overreach, is found in the local community through uniting and learning the principles of liberty together. 

Main Washington links to help you find your local community: 





Local telegram groups for uniting neighbors, please only join the county you reside in. More will be posted this week for the remaining countys not listed. Use these chats as an easy way to visit with neighbors about local needs and meetings or rights violations. Your local area assistants are admins and can help you get connected. 

If the administrators find you're in the wrong county, they may remove you to keep the community local by county:















Walla Walla:


KRISANNE HALL UPDATE!!! She's coming to town, reserve your meal ticket HERE!!!

February 18th, from 3pm to 8pm, we will be tearing the roof off of tyranny in Clark County WA with Krissanne Hall!!!! 

We now have a catering company signed up to bring food!  The food break will likely be from 5-5:30pm.

To guarantee your meal is there and ready for you, please reserve it ahead of time so they know appropriate quantities to prepare.

It will be a deli sandwich, chips, a cookie and a bottled water for $10.  You will get a meal ticket when you enter, based on how much you sent. For instance, If you want 3 meal tickets, send $30, etc. 

If you can't attend, but want to financially support the overall cost of event, please note that in the seat reservation paypal link above.

10713 NE 117th AVE Vancouver WA 98662 Clark County Square Dance Hall 


Author, Lawyer, Educator and Freedom Fighter, Krisanne Hall, is coming to Clark County! Don't miss this event to educate, inspire and unite with your neighbors! 


We have some changes coming with the People's Rights texting system, and will send a separate email about that this week. 

In the meantime, please download the Signal app on your phone and computer as that is one way we will be sending out texts from here on out. More details to come!

To contact State or area assistants on a secure email, send a message to:"> 

Washington web site / in progress: 

Thank you, 

Kelli Stewart, WA State 

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