People's Rights Washington

What We Are:

People and citizens of the U.S.A that recognize that we have rights, and are willing to unite to defend those rights and each other.  We are an inclusive and welcoming group to all people regardless of race, age, nationality, religion, or political beliefs.

What We Are Not:

White supremacists, conspiracy theorists, racists, or any other title some would like to put on us for their own questionable reasons.

We are families and neighbors, that care about each other.  We make up the whole of our communities, from farmers to bistro owners, from students to grandparents, from business owners to employees.

These are trying times for all, and we find comfort in knowing we can call on each other in a time of need.  We love our communities, our God, and our country.  We support the U.S. Constitution and expect our Government to do the same.

To Get Involved Text RIGHTS to 80123

That will connect you to the National Organization of People's Rights, and your AREA.

Then (step 2) if you're located in Washington, become a member on this site to join the local conversation.

We have groups like Communications, Food Network, Medical Freedom, Homeschool Network, Prayer Warriors, Constitutional Studies, LGOP's (your neighbors), and SO much more!

Make your own group and share your specialty!  All are welcome.

We meet weekly to keep up-to-date with each other, explore new ideas, and communicate with our groups.